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Changing tires and sets

It's time! Winter is late, but it will come!

We will replace you and store your tires!

Drive safely in winter with winter tires! We have state-of-the-art equipment for all sizes of tires, we will buy you a car of any US brand. We will also store your tires for the next season at very reasonable prices.

Tyre change and balancing to 18" rim size

CZK 1,490 without VAT (CZK 1,803 incl. VAT)

Tyre replacement and balancing over rim sizes 18" (included) 

CZK 1,980 without VAT (CZK 2,396 incl. VAT)

Tire storage for ½ year

CZK 500 without VAT (CZK 605 incl. VAT)

For more information and order dates, call +420 777 888 602.


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