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Last Charger V8 - production ends...

Use Dodge Happy Days at Tucar to buy the last of the iconic V8

Dodge Charger 6.4 V8 Scat Pack

Production ends, there will be no more cars!

Only on 23 - 27 October 2023 you can get the last two great Dodge Charger 6.4 V8 Scat Packs from us. The cars are completely ready for you and you can drive away with them right away! That is, when you pay them...

And you can have them to say goodbye

with a discount of CZK 92,790

So the price for you is:

CZK 1,600,000 including VAT

This promotional price is only valid on 23 - 27 October 2023 at all Tucar branches. Both cars can be seen physically at the branch in Tuklaty.

So don't hesitate and visit us these days - the last two "chargers" are waiting just for you!


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