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The RAM 1500 Warlock is the toughest worker...

Source: garáž.cz, author: Jan Majurník

RAM 1500 Warlock is the toughest worker in breeding, who can toil like a horse and purr like a kitten

Warlock actually means a wizard or a warlock, but in the case of a RAM 1500 pick-up cannot speak of none other than o the hardest worker in the lineup . Although it is essentially a 1_base with few accessories, it cannot be looked at as an inferior car. Perhaps it is precisely because of its simplicity that this lovable tough has its own special charm.

If we had your RAM 1500 liken using the human world, it will be the type of muscular lumberjack who toils daily in work i posi lce, but at home on him in křesle a cute kitten is waiting. Especially in the Warlock spec, the model has a rather seasoned expression that seems to proclaim the phrase "everyone from the way, the locomotive is coming".


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