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Autumn service inspection

Start the winter season with us with safe ten!

Only for 990 CZK including VAT

Keep your America in order before winter! We will do it on your car for 990 CZK including VAT

Autumn ten-point service inspection*,

so that you can go into winter traffic without any worries. Here is our Fall Safe Ten:

  1. Geometry and braking checksystem using the HEKA testing facility

  2. Checking the condition and pressure of the tires, including the reserve

  3. Checking the battery charge status

  4. Checking the air conditioning filter

  5. Disinfection of the air conditioning filter

  6. Control of lighting and signaling

  7. Checking the condition of the chassis

  8. Checking the function of wipers and washers

  9. Coolant check

  10. Checking the validity of the technical inspection

Don't underestimate the safe condition of your car, it will save you a lot of worries.

The promotion is valid from 20/11/2023 to 20/12/2023.

*the inspection represents only a visual inspection of the specified parts of the vehicle and does not replace a normal inspection of the vehicle. Prices include VAT.


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