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Buying a used car is always a bit of a risk. But with us, you can forget about the quality of the used car, we own most of the cars and know their origin, because they come from our ownership. Every used car with us undergoes a thorough technical inspection before sale. We offer our customers cars of various ages and mileage - slightly used, demonstration and reference cars. We accept the purchase of a car against a counter account, when in the case of a problem-free sale of your car, we are able to pay you the money directly to your hand within 1 hour. The basis for us is your trust and we will do our best to gain and keep it.

Why a used car from us?

  • clear provenance of each car

  • check the complete history of the car

  • cars without a serious insurance event

  • control of mileage status and insurance

  • offer of financial products

  • complete service and first-class quality

  • warranty 1 year

  • control of many technical parameters 

  • MOT free

  • bringing the car to the branch

  • discount on service and spare parts

  • bring your mechanic

  • thorough cleaning of the car before sale

Offer of used cars

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