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Love for the whole life...

Once you've tried an honest American machine, whether single-track or two-track, you won't want anything else. You will fall in love at first sight and it will be love for a lifetime! an example is our friend, the actor Martin Stránský. He drives the family in a great Dodge Durango SUV, and when he wants to go somewhere, he rides his second love, a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. And he wouldn't change. And we all understand him. In both cases, he enjoys the most comfortable ride and listens to that classic American engine burble...

American cars are now commonly available in our country without long waiting periods, they are fully homologated for operation in the EU and, due to how well equipped and comfortable they are, they have a very favorable price compared to other European cars. An extensive authorized service network is available across Europe and spare parts are routinely available. You can easily buy them online in our e-shop. You can then pick them up in person at our branch, or we will simply send them to you.

If you buy an American from us, don't worry about having to worry about it. You will have nothing but joy with it, and if any worries arise, for example a breakdown or an accident, leave it to us, we will take care of it.

Myths about American cars

  • American cars are expensive

  • they cannot be found and there is a long wait for them

  • they use a lot of fuel

  • the service is expensive and unavailable

  • it is difficult to find spare parts for them

  • cars do not have EU homologation

  • the speedometer is miles

  • cars don't speak Czech

The truth about American cars

  • "European" prices of new cars

  • stock cars for immediate collection

  • cars on order within 3 months

  • authorized service

  • service network throughout Europe

  • all cars have EU homologation

  • spare parts normally available

  • favorable consumption thanks to cylinder disconnection technology

  • cars communicate in Czech (for some models for an additional fee)

And why not be afraid of America?

Don't you believe? Come to us and see for yourself!

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