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Motor  | 6.2 L V8

Gearbox  |  10th machine

Performance  |  420 HP

Torque  |  625 Nm

Chevrolet Tahoe 2024

The most versatile and advanced Tahoe ever.

From 1,930,000 CZK without VAT

From 2,335,300 CZK including VAT

The all-new Chevrolet Tahoe 2023 will offer you maximum space and comfort even on the longest trips. In addition, great performance, a velvety 10-speed gearbox and an amazing twisting moment. And thanks to cylinder disconnection technology, you will also be satisfied with favorable consumption.



For some reason, this model is called the most versatile and advanced Tahoe ever. Find out why for yourself. This car will certainly not disappoint you. With six trims and a powerful, attractive body, it is hard to beat this SUV. No one will miss you on the road.

Adaptive suspension

Air Ride adaptive suspension, a first in its class, is available on the Z71 and High Country models. It helps optimize the vehicle's ground clearance and travel comfort by constantly monitoring the road surface and thus adapting the car's suspension.

Air suspension

The system is able to adjust the car's ride height to improve handling over bumps, or lower it to improve aerodynamics. When parking, also lower the vehicle to make it easier to get in.



Iridescent Pearl Tricoat


Absolute comfort when traveling

The quiet, luxurious interior and state-of-the-art technology make traveling feel like you're sitting in your living room at home. Extra-standard legroom in the second and third row of seats also contributes to the comfort of up to 9 passengers.

Intelligent Infotainment

For the driver, maximum information about the vehicle, everything at hand and intuitive control. And for passengers in the back, the feeling of being in a cinema thanks to the large 12.6-inch touch screens, on which they can watch their favorite movie, for example, while traveling.

Bright leather interior


Tahoe RST Performance Edition

The special edition Tahoe RST is tuned primarily for performance. It is equipped with a special chassis with reduced ground clearance and a modified exhaust system. In addition, 20-inch black ALU wheels, special tires and Brembo front and rear brakes with unique Torch Red calipers.


The Tahoe comes standard with the Chevrolet Safety Assist advanced safety system – a set of advanced safety and assistance functions that are crucial not only for the driver but for safe driving.

Collision warning and automatic emergency braking
  • Forward Collision Alert warns the driver when it detects a potential head-on collision with the vehicle ahead, so the driver can act quickly to avoid a collision

  • the system can also alert you if the distance behind a moving vehicle is too small

  • when driving at a speed of less than 80 km/h, automatic emergency braking works with the Forward Collision Alert function to help you eliminate a frontal collision, or at least reduce its severity

  • the camera-based system is used for automatic sudden emergency braking or to reinforce the driver's sudden braking

Pedestrian detection
  • Pedestrian Detection helps you avoid or reduce the severity of a head-on collision with a pedestrian it detects directly in front of your car

  • warns of a pedestrian in front of the car and can even automatically provide sudden emergency braking or reinforce the driver's sudden braking

  • operates at speeds below 80 km/h during the day

  • it has limited performance at night and in low visibility

Lane detection
  • the system helps keep the vehicle in its lane and can cause a short, gentle turn of the steering wheel to alert the driver that an unintentional drift from the detected lane lines may occur

  • system warnings are not displayed if you are using a turn signal or if the system detects that you may be intentionally leaving your lane

IntelliBeam automatic high beams
  • System of automatic switching of dipped and high beams according to the surrounding traffic conditions


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