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Authorized Opel / Chevrolet EU service


Do you need service, are you looking for spare parts or do you just want advice? Contact us! We are an authorized Opel and Chevrolet service – US and EU models (Captiva, Orlando, Spark, Cruze, Aveo). We offer a full range of car service work, from simple mechanical operations such as changing a light bulb, to changing oil, brake pads and/or discs, changing brake fluid, replacing or repairing the engine or its parts, adjusting lights, topping up and disinfecting the air conditioning, geometry to auto diagnostics and removing SW problems of the car or updating maps. We also provide MOT, EK, we also offer a tire service.

So bet - and see for yourself!

We have all modern equipment and technologies, ensuring above-standard service. We have 5 regular levers and 2 four-column levers, as well as HEKA equipment, which enables the measurement and control of brakes and shock absorbers, brake toe-in with an immediate overview of the results. This year we purchased a special Spin Motul device, with the help of which we can professionally change the oil in automatic transmissions under pressure, and by the end of this year we will resume the so-called decarbonization of engines, including the sale of interesting BG products that restore engine performance, reduce consumption and emissions and extend lifetime of the engine and its parts.


The TUCAR PLUS service center offers regular service, warranty inspections, so-called recall events for cars in which we specialize, post-warranty service, tire service, and solutions to unpleasant moments such as an insurance event. We try to solve each such event as quickly as possible, we know how we need each of our cars back in use as soon as possible. We use our own soldering shop and two contracted paint shops.


If the customer leaves his vehicle in our service for repairs for longer than one day, we offer the possibility of renting a vehicle from our car rental office, where we have cars of various price categories and sizes.


Regular service or post-warranty service is a check of the condition of the car, in particular it is a check of the bodywork, correct functioning of the engine, brakes, charging status of the car battery, check of the geometry, as well as check and removal of any defects according to the client's requirements.


The warranty, or so-called warranty service, is defined by each car manufacturer and is carried out at a certain interval of mileage and/or a defined age of the car. Usually, according to the steps prescribed by the manufacturer, we change the engine oil and oil filter, possibly the transmission, change the air, cabin and fuel filters, check the brake fluid, servo fluids,  we check brakes, exhaust, shock absorbers, geometry.


and responsible approach

At the authorized TUCAR PLUS service center in Úvaly near Prague, you will be taken care of by qualified staff, made up of people, many of whom have spent half their lives working in the field, which corresponds to their level of knowledge. In addition, all of them continuously undergo regular training, where they become familiar with the latest developments in the field in accordance with the strict standards applicable to authorized dealers. Due to the capacity of our service facilities, we also offer regular service to owners of cars of other brands. 


We will offer you benefits during the repair of your car:

  • WiFi

  • air-conditioned customer area

  • refreshment

  • replacement vehicle


Tire service

In our modern tire service, we will not only change your tires, but we will also store your tires or entire sets, and you can also buy new tires or aluminum discs in our spare parts store. All at very affordable prices.

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