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Chrysler Pacifica test: A cozy living room with a crackling fireplace and a V6 under the hood

The American classic brings something from the "big country" to our roads, which has enough of everything - space, comfort and, of course, cylinders. This is really easy to get used to...

Maybe the time will come when we will all move around in autonomous cars without a steering wheel and with electric, hydrogen or whatever other drive (or not). But why think about the future when the present still offers a relatively diverse range of automotive joys. They don't have to be just driving cars - as the hero of this test proves - the Chrysler Pacifica, a descendant of the Voyager and Grand Voyager family, famous for their spaciousness, practicality, comfort and engines that don't measure every deciliter of fuel as if it were liquid gold. There is no official import to the Czech Republic, but you can get the car relatively easily through companies that import smaller volumes from America. There are not many of them, but there are - for example, the company TUcar from Tuklat in Central Bohemia, from which we borrowed the Pacifica for the test.


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