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Test: Chevrolet Traverse - an American ship with a six-cylinder engine

Source: Garáž.cz, author: Jan Majurnik

The American ship with a six-cylinder will excite even as a used one. In addition, the giant family SUV Chevy Traverse runs for little

Looking for a large SUV with a powerful engine, reasonable fuel consumption, royal space and a solid price is quite a challenge these days. Those who do not go to European or Japanese manufacturers can also look overseas. In America, there is one potential ideal, it calls itself the Chevrolet Traverse and it meets all the requirements of an optimal family car.

ArticleIn connection with American cars, anyone remembers the turning point of the 70s, when after the oil crisis, fuel was no longer wasted and the powerful bubbling eight-cylinder about megalomaniac volume and ridiculously disproportionate performance suddenly went out of fashion. It was then that car companies also realized that they needed to move on, which gave rise to a number of new and economical models.


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